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We like to keep things simple. So we came up with a new mobile plan to help you keep in touch at popular travel destinations. In working with travelers we found on a daily basis most people's primary desire is to be online to communicate with family, friends and co-workers. So we designed a cost effective solution without a monthly fee. The FREE to Roam Plan includes access for text messaging and emoji on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp!, Viber, Line & WeChat. If you need to access things such as Google Maps, E-Mail, or just browse the web you can do so easily by switching your plan just for the time you need and then switch back right from your phone.

So how's it work? Simple. If you have an unlocked GSM based phone (In the US this is a phone which works on T-Mobile or AT&T) we will send you a SIM card to use in your phone. If you need a phone, we have some recommendations as well. The FREE to Roam Plan is $29.97 per year and works in 83 countries with no additional fee's. If you want to upgrade for an hour or a week you can access Voice, Data and SMS in 192 countries on usage based billing and resume your FREE to Roam Plan at anytime. Incoming SMS and incoming voice calls are FREE in most countries.


  • Coverage in 83 countries.
  • No Monthly Fee's.
  • Unlimited Text Messages and Emoji.
  • Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp!, Viber, Line & WeChat Supported!
  • Easily switch to the Everything Plan at any time and use Pre-Paid credit then Switch back when done.

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• We ship a 3-in-1 Universal SIM Card which should work in all SIM based phones.
• Your GSM phone must be unlocked for service to work properly on the Everything Card or FREE to Roam Card or be unlocked or on the T-Mobile network for our T-Mobile Plans.

• Orders usually ship within 1 business day.
• We ship DHL by default, though other delivery options are available if needed at checkout.
• We accept returns within 30 days of receiving your order, minus any usage consumed.