WorldSIM Card

  • Will it fit in my phone?

    • We ship a 3 in 1 SIM card. It includes the correct size for Full Size, Nano and Micro devices.
  • Does my phone need to be unlocked?

    • Yes, you must have an unlocked GSM phone for BetterSIM to work in your phone.
  • When does my SIM card need to be activated?

    • You must activate your SIM card within 12 months of purchase.
  • When does my service start?

    • Your service starts at the time of activating your account. Not when your place your order. We *highly* recommend activating your card prior to or the day you start your trip while you are online and can easily reach our activation team.
  • Do I need a dual SIM phone?

    • No, but you can use a dual SIM phone if you have one. Generally if you have a dual SIM phone your BetterSIM SIM card will need to be in the primary slot.



  • Is Unlimited truly unlimited?
    • After 30GB of data usage on your phone you are subject to have your data usage de-prioritized on a cell tower if that tower is currently experiencing congestion.
  • What happens after my 10GB of HotSpot usage?
    • Your speed is reduced to 3G and you have unlimited 3G usage until your next billing cycle.
  • Can I keep my existing number?
    • Yes, if your number is portable you may keep it.