Welcome! We saw a need for a product that could be useful for people needing to keep in touch without constantly searching for WiFi. While WiFi has proliferated to become readily available it is not always available when you need it, or where you need it.

Most SIM card products are aimed at the business travel market and quickly become very expensive. This is all well and good if you are conducting business and can justify the expense. But is more of a luxury when you just want to keep in contact with friends and family or coordinate meeting locations on the road.

We created a product for both scenario's, but with a special focus on the leisureĀ user who does not want to pay hundred's of dollars for the privilege of social connections. Our FREE to Roam service has an affordable yearly fee with no monthly costs or usage fee's. It allows you to stay in touch by communicating with text and emoji on supported popular social message applications such as Facebook Messenger.

Yet, we still offer the flexibility for you to switch to a pay per use model as needed and switch back at anytime. This lets you connect to general use high speed data to utilize Google Maps for a road trip, and switch back to a chat only mode when you arrive. Our pay per use plan also offers free inbound SMS, and free inbound voice calls.

Weather you are a budget traveller, or someone who wants global access for a nominal yearly fee we have a great solution for you!

Jed Stafford